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The use of any Internet workstation and the wireless network in the Ipswich Public Library
constitutes an acceptance of its Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Patrons reaffirm this agreement
each time they access the Internet in the Library.



I. Internet Access

In conjunction with its mission to provide a gateway to the arena of ideas, the Ipswich Public Library offers the privilege of Internet access for educational, research and information purposes. This privilege, however, carries with it personal responsibilities. The person accessing the Internet is liable for any infringement of the United States and International Copyright Laws. As a largely unregulated electronic domain, neither the Library Staff nor the Trustees and the town of Ipswich have control over the information accessed in the Internet; as such, the Library cannot be held responsible for its content.

While the Internet provides a vast array of information by governments, business sectors, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and individuals around the globe, be aware that the Internet may contain controversial information, sexually explicit and/or pornographic materials, inaccurate or incomplete data as well as activities considered illegal by local, state, and the federal government of the United States of America. Internet users must exercise good judgment and discretion in their use of it. For privacy and security reasons, Internet users at the Ipswich Public Library are strongly discouraged from providing personal or privileged information via the public access computers and its wireless network.

Parents, including legal guardians of children and teenagers (up to the age of 18), should provide parental guidance for their children about safety while browsing the Internet. It is also the responsibility of parents or guardians to advise their children concerning the danger of providing names, addresses, and phone numbers to strangers in chat rooms and e-mails. Children 12 and younger should use the Internet workstations located in the Children’s Room. Adult caregivers may assist the children in their care in the use of these computers. The Internet workstations in the Children’s Room are equipped with filtering software to restrict access to websites that may be unsafe or inappropriate for children.
Internet workstations for adult use are available elsewhere in the building.

II. Procedures for Use of Internet Workstations

  1. Users must note their starting time on a paper slip which should be displayed next to the PC.
  2. Internet access is limited to two 30‐minute periods per day with at least a thirty‐minute break between the two periods.
  3. If no one is waiting, the patron may use an Internet workstation consecutively for a total of one hour per day or longer at the discretion of library staff.
  4. Up to two people are allowed to use a workstation at a given time; thus, they are to be counted as one individual with the same time limit.
  5. The staff is authorized to ask users to relinquish their Internet access if they exceed the specified time limit.


III. Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet Access


The Ipswich Public Library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy governs the use of its wireless network. Wireless Internet access is free and is available for patrons during regular service hours without time limit at various locations in the Library.

  • As with most public wireless networks, the Internet access via our wireless connection is not secure and the use of it is entirely at the risk of the user. Anti-virus and security protection of personal laptops, notebooks, and other mobile devices are the responsibility of the owner.
  • The Ipswich Public Library cannot guarantee that a user’s device will work with the Library’s
    Wi-Fi access points. Due to a wide variety of wireless devices, the library staff cannot provide troubleshooting support nor is the staff allowed to handle a patron’s device.
  • What the staff can do, however, is provide general information and guidance on how to connect
    to the Library’s wireless network.


IV. Printing and Capturing Information from the Internet


Information from the Internet can be printed from any workstation for a fee. Please ask for assistance
at the Reference Desk for any computer and/or printer problem. Printing via the wireless network is not available at this time.

To ensure privacy and security of personal information, patrons are required to bring their own removable storage device such as USB drives or a CD-RW to save documents from the public computers in the Library.


V. Restrictions on Internet Access

A patron using the Library’s computers and its wireless network is limited to the existing hardware, software, and system configuration. Users who access the Internet in the Ipswich Public Library are  not permitted to:

  • Use the Internet computers for illegal purposes
  • Use the Internet computers for hacking
  • View pornographic materials and other graphic images considered obscene in a public setting
  • Vandalize computers including installation of software programs and modification of PC and network settings that are currently in place
  • Transmit threats or harass anyone
  • Store personal files


VI. Enforcement and Consequencies

The Ipswich Public Library’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy is an operational guideline for all patrons
using the Internet as an integral library service. The Policy also enables the staff to enforce the rules and procedures as stated in a fair and reasonable manner. Library staff will intervene to stop prohibited use
of computers, electronic equipment and wireless network; and has the right to tell the patron to leave the library effective immediately. Any violation of this Library Policy will result in suspension of computer and Wi-Fi use privileges or both.

The Ipswich Public Library will not tolerate use of its computers and network in a way that violates local, state, and federal law. Serious violation will be punished to the full extent of the law.


 Revised and Approved by the Board of Trustees of the Ipswich Public Library on September 16, 2013


  • FEBRUARY 18 & 19, 2018 in observance of Presidents' Day holiday











  • DEC 23, 24, and 25 in observance of Christmas
  • DEC 31 and JAN 1 in observance of New Year’s Day


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